June 9, 2021

Opinions on my investment choices

Opinions on my investment choices

Can I get an opinion on my investment choices?

I’m 30 years old and opened an IRA this year, I maxed out the 2020 year with 50% VTSAX/ 50% VTIAX.

I’ll be maxing out my 2021 with a similar formula except I’ll be adding the REIT O.

50% VTSAX 25% VTIAX 25% O

I am also going to open a spousal IRA for my wife.

With her IRA I wanted to do something different, here are my thoughts:

50% Vfiax 25% VYM 25% VGT

Just to note, I am maxing out my 457b and will have a pension, so I am not solely relying on my Roths.

I’ll be contributing for a total of 20 years.


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